A female rapper from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, NY raised by her grandmother in the Eleanor Roosevelt projects. In 2014, she released two singles One Hunnid and Real MVP. She followed up with a Mixtape titled Better Late Than Never in 2015. She starred in the Oxygen reality TV series Sisterhood of Hip Hop from 2014-2016. With much anticipation, in 2016 she released her debut studio album SIYAvsSIYA, while filming the Netflix Orginal movie Deuces. Rapidly thereafter in 2017 she went on to release an EP titled Commitment. During the same year she released 383-For Roosevelt and landed the role as "Blaise" in the upcoming film The first purge which is set to hit theaters July 4th, 2018. As an accomplished artist and now actress, she's only just begun.


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