Robbie DeRaffele


Robbie DeRaffele was born on April 5th 1987 in Ridgewood N.J. He is most known for "Bull" 2016 and "By Dawn" 2017. He has a beautiful family of two older sisters named Catherine and Samantha, a mother and a father, who he is very grateful for. Robbie is currently taking Acting classes at Bergen Community College, his favorite being improv, while also enjoys writing and art. Long before acting, Robbie dreamed of playing professional basketball. He worked at it from his younger years up until about twenty one years old. He remembers on his 21st birthday shooting the ball around as it struck midnight, while everyone else was out partying taking shots. Robbie has grown as a person, and at 6'7, 225 lbs that is no lie. Growing up he worked at basketball so religiously nothing else interested him and his devotion became his downfall. He obsessed over the game and desperately needed to widen his horizon because it was no longer a career option. With Film and acting not yet introduced into his life, at twenty three years old, a few years after his cousin who played football at Pace University died in a car accident, he realized how short and valuable Life actually is. Robbie decided to train for football with no experience at all, and just took a huge leap of faith. His best friend would teach him how to play and it turns out he was naturally good. In 2011 he was in Phoenix Arizona for his first professional tryout for the Las Vegas Locos. Tryout after Tryout with the United football league, Canadian football League, and NFL in the Baltimore Under Armour dome of 2013, the year the Ravens won the Super Bowl, once again while standing tall he came up short on becoming a paid athlete. At twenty six Robbie realized athletics and firefighting was all he really understood. He was a Volunteer firefighter looking to be a Career firefighter during his pursuit of being a professional athlete. After a loss of interest in firefighting, and the self awareness that he was not physically fit enough for professional sports he hit a dead end road. Around April of 2014 Robbie took what may have been his biggest and most important Leap of his life, where he was often seen in Times Square NYC wearing a red cape and a curl on point, taking pictures with tourists and locals on his free time. He absolutely loved making people happy, and one day an actor from "Law and Order" approached him. The undisclosed actor told him he was perfect for the business, and that advice kick-started Robbie's new career. He hung up the cape, and a few weeks later was working for Two entertainment companies as an event model and themed character, specializing in body paint modeling where he promoted the show "Skin Wars" on GSN on the "Today Show" Live. Shortly after, he signed with Silver models/Chelsea talent, and BMG talent, in NYC for acting and modeling. 2016, In his rookie year of acting he has acted as a "featured" special talent in "Bull" on CBS. Luck would have it, it was as a basketball player. The way of the universe did not stop there because his very next acting job was coincidentally the role of a firefighter on "A Crime To Remember" Season 4, on I.D Discovery, and was recently apart of a feature film as an "Alien Being" from the upcoming film "By Dawn" to be released in 2017.


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