Jessica Bell


Jessica Bell was born in Rochester, New York. Grew up as a four season athlete but excelling as a Pitcher & First Baseman in Softball. She enjoyed participating in the Theater & Performing Arts program in High school productions. It wasn't until years later after becoming a Wife & Mom She started doing local commercials and quickly became dedicated to making Film/Television her full time Career. After taking several Acting classes, acting in student films & background work, Jessica began accepting lead & supporting roles in Feature Films such as "Mnemosyne", "Wolf House", "Crossing Thresholds", "Lighthouse Unmanned" and "Sting-Revenge is Killer". Always wanting to push herself physically she gained interest in stunt work and began training in Martial Arts, Fight Choreography, Fire Arms & Archery. Jessica is always pushing boundaries. She truly believes in the team aspect of each set. As a long time fan of film, she puts all of herself into each role. Jessica is dedicated to the craft in order to entertain and immerse their audience on a journey into each story.


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